About Me

Christine trained originally as a Graphic Designer, at Kingston University, where she gained a BA and an MA at Central School of Art, London. She worked as a freelance illustrator and enjoyed seeing her work published in magazines and books. She began printing about twelve years ago, learning about printmaking at Spike Island Studio, Bristol. The traditions of printmaking and the challenge of cutting through a piece of wood lead her to becoming a proffesional printmaker.

Christine produces three types of woodcut print - woodcut reduction which is printed from one woodblock only, woodcuts from seperate colour blocks and wood engravings which are small, traditionally done in black ink and using the end grain of wood. Each of these types of print has their own different qualities and unique finish from every different piece of wood.


Detail has always fascinated Christine, the shine in the eye or the texture of feathers. She also finds inspiration in the English countryside and tropical rainforests, which excite her with their varied shapes, contrasts and lighting.

foxglove and bee

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